Where are you having your next child’s birthday?

Now restrictions have been all but lifted in England, you may be wondering what options are available to you for your child’s post pandemic party. 

  1. PARTY AT HOME – Advantages of a home party include plenty of set-up time, having all the party supplies on hand and being in an environment the birthday child is comfortable with. A pro tip is to confine the party to one or two rooms (e.g., Entertainment in one room and food in another) and consider moving and protecting all your valuables.
  2. PARTY IN THE GARDEN – Coming out of lockdown the Garden Party was my saviour over the summer, and if you have a decent sized garden this is a great place to have your next child’s birthday. But remember, this is England, and you may wish to consider having them under cover to protect everybody from the sun, wind and of course rain! While this summer it was garden party or no party, next summer you will want to have a backup location planned.
  3. PARTY IN A HALL – If having your home infested by all your child’s friends fills you with absolute dread a community centre, leisure centre or church or village hall is a great place to have a party and will include lots of space for the entertainment, kitchen facilities, car parks, etc.  Its a big space for your child to enjoy fun games, dance and laugh to silly magic – what’s not to love?
  4. PARTY AT THE PUB – Many pubs have a function room or have an area of the pub they hire out for children’s parties. Plus, you have a bar on hand that keeps the other parents plus they can cater for the party food, which means you don’t even need to cook.
  5. PARTY IN A SCHOOL – One place you may also consider is your child’s school with many renting the school hall for birthday parties – check your child’s school for details.
  6. PARTY ON ZOOM – Wait a moment?!!! Wasn’t that just a pandemic thing?!! You may be surprised to find out that people are still booking Virtual Birthday Parties despite being able to do all the above. The biggest advantage of a virtual party is you can invite anyone from anywhere in the world – just last week I did a party for a child in Milton Keynes, with one auntie logging in from Leeds and the other auntie and uncle logging in from New Zealand!!!  That’s when Virtual Parties work best!

Have I missed anything off my list? Let me know 😊

The most important thing to consider is choosing a location that accommodates the number of people you want to invite, where those people are and the type of entertainment you plan on having.

And then – if you like – you can hand it over to me. If you would like to speak to me about booking children’s magical entertainment, fill in this online form HERE so that I have all the details, and I will send you a quote ASAP.

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