High Energy Magic Shows For Little People

When your child asks… no… they beg you to book a magician, what they really mean is – they want it to be funny. At the same time you know you want someone that will captivate the children’s attention because otherwise the event is toast. This is where I come in. No matter where you live in Blackburn and surrounding areas (Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside to name a few) – Crazy Colin got a treat for you.

In a two hour service that removes all the stress of the event you will experience: your little ones Laughing, Dancing, laughing and putting on their little amazed looks. Yes, I said laughing twice. It’s that good.

Choose your favourite Educational Show

(8 fun options. I know… CRAZY!)

Choosing the right entertainer to perform to your school or nursery can be a challenge. You want a performer to captivate and entertain all the different mixtures of age groups. Wouldn’t that be great?

On top of that you want someone that can wow, dazzle and delight through educational magic shows. This means that you will get a message across, in an entertaining way, according to the topic of choice.

You can choose between Eight different audience captivating shows. Are they educational? VERY.

Is high energy and fast pace included? GUARANTEED!

Will it get everyone involved? You bet!

Hurry up and choose your favorite topic for your next school or nursery show.

for schools

Think! Road Safety

A fantastic, fun and early introduction to road safety education for Reception &Key Stage 1 children.

Bully Busters

A fun and motivational anti-bullying magic show, featuring 3 characters with stories that are based on real life scenarios.

Science of Magic

A scientific show with a magic twist. The children will learn the science behind fun magic tricks that are often so funny.

Magic of Reading

What can be more magical than a good story coming to you from a book. Inspired by books that kids love.

For Preschools

Little Mates

Our Anti-Bully and Co-Operation themed show is geared toward making friends.

Happy Teeth

Teaching Dental Hygiene to under 5’s is what this show is about.

Think! Road Safety

A pre-school version for the fantastic, fun and early introduction to road safety education.

Magic of Books

Inspiring a new generation to love the magic of books, EVEN before they learn how to read.


Choose a Package that Perfectly Meets Your Needs

The “Riddikulus” Magic & Games Party


  • Your Child is the Star of the Show!
  • Magic Show
  • Games
  • Dizzee the Dog, the Amazing Magical Puppet Dog
  • Magic Birthday Card for
    Birthday Child

60 minutes, 90 minutes

or 2 hours

The “Expelliarmus” Premium Magic Games & Disco Party


Everything from a
“Riddikulus” Package PLUS …

  • Premium Epic Magic Show and Games
  • Disco, with Lights 
  • Bubble Machine
  • Small Prizes for Games
  • Video of the Show
  • Special Gift for Birthday Child


60 minutes, 90 minutes

or 2 hours


The “Expecto Patronum” Deluxe Magic Games & Disco Party


Everything from a
“Expelliarmus” Package PLUS …

  • Deluxe Magic Show and Games
  • Disco Box
  • Magic Tricks customised for
    the Birthday Child
  • The CRAZY COLIN Ultimate Magic Illusion
  • Wizard Epic Party Bags
    (up to 30)
  • RSVP System (with invite video) starring the birthday child

60 minutes, 90 minutes

or 2 hours



Definitely recommended! From start to end everything was great and not only the kids loved the show, the parents did too!

Birthday Party, Maida Vale, London

Absolutely amazing.  Wow is all I can say. Absolutely amazing. Will DEFINITELY book again

Birthday Party, Bedford.

Crazy Colin was fantastic at my daughters 5th Birthday Party! All the children loved him and laughed out loud the entire time! 

Birthday Party, Milton Keynes

Excellent Service. The children absolutely loved every minute of it and they were kept busy the whole time.

Preschool Christmas Show, Manchester

Would 100% recommend
Crazy Colin’s magic shows.

Preschool Show, Milton Keynes

Christmas is magical. So book a CHRISTMAS magic show!


Children LOVE a Magic Show but imagine the faces of the children when they see the magic happening from the most magical man on the planet!

This fun 30 or 45 minute Christmas Spectacular from the Man in Red is an amazing, enchanting magical show packed full of Christmas storytelling about Santa’s Hat and Beard, Reindeers, Elves, and Toys … and including all the latest Christmas gossip from the North Pole from the man himself (who apparently has been practicing his sleight of hands skills, fancy that!)

This is a show for anyone that loves Santa … and we can also provide an after show “grotto type” service for the children to “meet Santa” after the show for photos with Santa, receiving Christmas wish lists, and handing out presents. The added value: PRICELESS.


Children will love Santa’s Favourite Elf “COLLYWOBBLES” who has escaped the North Pole to amaze and delight with all the latest Christmas gossip.

What new presents have the elves been working on in Santa’s Workshop? How are the reindeers? What really happened at the Elf Olympics? And was Collywoobles a naughty elf and won’t get any leftover toys?

All is revealed in this high energy hilarious comic magical adventure.

The MAGIC ELF and SANTA can be brought together asa combined package. Ask me how by clicking on this button.


Check out some previous crazy parties that featured Crazy Colin



What do we all really want for our kids in a birthday show?
Lots of it.
Imagine having children in fits of giggles.
Isn’t that the number one priority?

Back when I first studied performing I discovered my “funny bone” it was so cool as now kids and adults everywhere responded.
Working with kids requires experience. When performing in school productions you have to master the art of “adapting the funny for the kid” which requires knowing your audience well.
Here are some of the things you can expect from Crazy Colin:
  • VAST EXPERIENCE – You know that you are in safe hands with Colin’s over 15 years of experience of performing comedy and magic. Thousands of clients have picked Crazy Colin as their choice of children’s entertainer, all across the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • RESORTS LOVE COLIN – Entertaining kids in a group, even when they don’t know each other that well is hard. Well Colin has been doing that for over 23 years in resorts such as Haven Holidays, Holiday Club Pontins, and P&O North Sea Ferries.
  • THE SHOW THAT WORKS – Colin offers a blend of high energy and laugh a minute entertainment. It’s all packed full of magic, comedy and surprises. Perfected over thousands of performances at small house parties, preschools and schools. Theatre and club shows helped too.

And if you ask the kids about any of these, they will all tell you that this doesn’t matter not one bit. All they care about is about Dizzee the Dog. 


The children always love meeting the amazing magical dog, Dizzee the Dog and seeing him get up to mischief! 



Due to popular demand, here is the backstory of Dizzee, even though he can’t drive a car and it’s me who makes most of the jokes.

Dizzee the Dog was found in a basket on my doorstep 14 years ago. At first he kept chewing literally everything. Since then we have been best buddies. He even helped me repaint my shed. Dizzee is no ordinary dog – he is always mucking about and having fun with the children at my expense!

Let’s just say this…
it’s totally not true that I love grabbing his sticks and running in circles.

Add ons that completes your experience:

Wizard Party Bags

Our pre-filled party bags are stuffed with plenty of goodies – all you need to do is hand them to the children on their way out.

Wizard Epic Party Bags

Put your feet up and use our deluxe pre-filled party bags. With loads of great mini-gifts, all you need to do is hand them out to your guests!

Wanna see kids belly laughing
during Colin’s performance?

more testimonials

Brilliant entertainer! Crazy Colin was absolutely fabulous! He kept them entertained for the whole of the two hours. He made it so very special for my daughter and I never saw her that excited ever.

Birthday Party

Fantastic magic show!
The children (all 27 of them!) absolutely loved it and were thoroughly entertained for the 2 hours, combining magic tricks, comedy, disco and a magic workshop.

Preschool Christmas Show

Excellent all round!
Crazy Colin was crazily FAB! From beginning to end he entertained all the kids and the adults too! Just brilliant couldn’t recommend enough.

Preschool Christmas Show


What areas do you cover with your magic show?

If you have an event in Blackburn / Darwen area, and surrounding areas including Lancashire, Merseyside, or Greater Manchester, that is the main area, but if you live further away I can and will travel upon request.

What age range are your children’s parties suitable for?

All Ages, All Areas and All Events are possible for your next event. Seriously. Think of a number. YES – I can entertain people in that age bracket too. As long as it’s under 120, I can do it! There are different shows for different audiences, with varying magic and presentation customised to make your next event a crazy success.

How much space do you need?

All you need to provide is enough space for the audience and myself – shows are completely self contained, flexible and can be adapted to almost any environment and space available. But, hey… if you wanna make absolutely sure, just send me some pictures of the venue and I will confirm for you AND will also give you some pro tips on where to position the cake table. Sweet!

Do you have a DBS check?

A DBS check can be provided for your peace of mind.

What do you need from me on the day?

Please provide a clear space in the performing area for the audience and myself, a small table, access to a plug socket, and I am good to go – a parking space as close as possible is appreciated as some of the equipment is rather heavy. Ooooh, and a mug of tea, and that is of course totally optional (no sugar please).

How long do you need to set-up the show?

My plan is to arrive an hour prior to the party start time to make sure everything is perfect for your show when the first guests arrive for the party. I actually only need 30 minutes, but I will get there an hour early and once the venue is open, will set everything up for you so its nice and ready.

Can I serve food during the show?

Kids attention span is unfortunately relatively fragile and food distracts it quite badly so it is not desirable – it is best to serve food before the show starts, during the food break or after the show finishes.

How long do you perform for, Crazy Colin?

That depends on your budget, really. All shows are fun and engaging. Please check out the packages section for the best party option that suits your needs.

Is the Birthday Child made to feel special?

The Birthday Child is the Star of the Show! This will be PLAYED OUT throughout the birthday in soooo many ways. Here are three examples:

  • The birthday child gets to pick all the volunteers and be one as many times as his heart desires
  • The big finale includes a unique gift that ONLY the birthday child is going to get
  • 42 interaction moments in the show were actually optimized again and again to make the birthday child feel he is surrounded by people that loves them and are laughing with them. And that’s what they are really after, isn’t it?
Do I need to book a venue? Can you perform at our house?

Your home or a function room are both great venues for your child’s party. Need help with booking the venue? You GOT it! Contact me and I will get you sorted. Easy Peasy.

Do you come with your own music and stereo?

Absolutely. All you need to do is ensure we have a plug socket for the equipment. We even make sure the playlist is up to date with a mix of classic and trendy songs that kids absolutely love (but that granny won’t hate).

How many children do you perform to?

There are no restrictions on numbers – large or small numbers and everything in between are no problem.

This actually means you can save money and get your friend join you for a DOUBLE PARTY. This is especially efficient when you are low on budget or want to enjoy a fancier package. Check my packages for more options.

How soon do I have to book?

Depends on how flexible you are with setting up the date of the show. If you already chose a date then contact me as soon as possible or I might not be available on that day! – The sooner you make the booking the better chance you have that the date has not been taken by some other mom, potentially even someone local to you. However, sometimes I can take a last-minute booking. Also… please note that weekends are busy and get booked up early.

How do I go about booking you?

It’s easy! – You can call, text, Whatsapp, send an owl or email us to discuss details – or fill in the enquiry form on the website. Once we have agreed on the details I will pencil in your booking and send you a booking confirmation which you will need to send back and then be sent the invoice.

How do I pay?

June will send you a booking confirmation straight after booking and then you will be sent  an invoice.  We ask this to be paid ususally within a fortnight meaning with one less worry on the day of the party you can just enjoy your child’s special day and make sure your child has the best party ever! 

Payment can be paid via BACS, PayPal or cheque.

Further Questions?

Should you have any questions, not answered in the above list of FAQs, please call, text, email or use the contact form.  Also, it’s a good idea to discuss my availability as well, as my diary fills up quite fast.


I will entertain kids and adults alike
for the entire two.

You will get the praise.

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