The most common response a professional magician is asked is "How do you do that?"  Normally a magician never reveals the secret ... but now we are giving children the opportunity to step "backstage" and discover how to make the impossible possible ...

The London 2012 Olympic Games were inspiring for many reasons, not least due to its tagline "inspiring a generation".  Our workshops mission is to do for magic what the Olympic Games did for sports and inspire a new generation of magicians to fool and delight all across the world.

So how does a workshop work?  Crazy Colin will perform the magic tricks the children are about to learn. Everyone wants to be fooled first, right?  He will then explain to the children how the trick is done, and then the children will do the trick themselves.  Crazy Colin is then on hand to help anyone struggling.

Besides being a ton of fun, our magical students develop skills such as improved eye-hand coordination, social interaction skills, creativity, mutual respect and courtesy as well as being a self-esteem and self confidence booster!
Our MAGIC WORKSHOPS can take place anywhere a group of children would like to learn MAGIC! including:
  • After School Clubs
  • Birthday & Private Parties
  • School Workshops
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Library Term Time or Holiday Events
  • Community Centres
  • Fetes 
  • Festivals
  • Churches
  • Charities
  • Corporate Family Fun Days
  • Fundraisers
  • Targeted for children 6+
  • All magical props provided
  • Basic & Deluxe packages available.
  • Household items used so children can continue to learn at home.
  • Prices provided on application.
  • 30 minute, 1 hour & 2 hour packages available.
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