SANTA LOVES TO READ!  And it's not just to check his book on who has been naughty or nice ... Therefore, we are introducing a wonderful winter extravaganza by the man himself - MAGIC SANTA!

Draw children into your library this Christmas for a whimsical visit that features amazing magic with items St. Nick pulls from his big sack!!  Combined with fun and interactive storytelling MAGIC SANTA will deliver key messages such as EVERY BOOK IS A MAGIC BOOK, READ BOOKS GET SMART, and that Santa's FAVOURITE CARD IS A LIBRARY CARD.

MAGIC SANTA'S marvellous merriment is sure to be a charm for both young and old alike!

The "Magic Santa Library Show" can be performed as a 30 or 45 minute show.  

It can then be followed by an opportunity for the children to meet MAGIC SANTA to give out presents, pose for photos, take wishes and all the traditional Santa services.  

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