A CRAZY COLIN MAGICAL FUN! SHOW is everything it says in the title ...

... and it's packed full of FUN! for ALL AGES of Children.

Add in mystery and wonder through colourful magic tricks, a touch of sparkle, heaps of comedy and loads of audience participation then you have Happy Children Guaranteed!

So what happens in a CRAZY COLIN show?
Well from the start Crazy Colin will get your child and his friends laughing, where does do all those eggs come from?
Also, with magic, CRAZY COLIN will give your child his very own magical Birthday card!
As well as other hilarious routines, CRAZY COLIN will introduce his furry friend - the amazing magical dog "Dizzee the Dog"

The BIRTHDAY CHILD (or SPECIAL GUEST) is the STAR OF THE SHOW and is invited on stage to take part in the magic with CRAZY COLIN.  However, if your child is uncomfortable with this, they can nominate a friend instead.  In a show without a birthday child, Crazy Colin will select children randomly from the audience to take part in the magic.  

The CRAZY COLIN MAGICAL FUN SHOW! is 45 minutes of Age Appropriate Bonkers, Funny Professional Magic Routines to bring fun, amazement and laughter to your event.  From simple, fun, routines for the young nursery aged children right through to clever, strong magic for older children, Crazy Colin will tailor his show specially for the group of children you put in front of him.

There is no upper or lower age limit, and no limit on the amount of children you may invite to the party as they remain your responsibility at all times.

You can book this on its own as part of the BRONZE Package, or as part of a SILVER package, or the popular GOLD package alongside either the MAGIC WORKSHOP or the MINI DISCO PARTY, with Party Dances and Games, or both!

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