This is the Ultimate Stress-Free Party Package … 2 Hours of CRAZY COLIN Madness … Whether you invite CRAZY COLIN to perform his CRAZY BIRTHDAY MAGICAL FUN! SHOW, or the children LEARN magic themselves in his MAGIC WORKSHOP, or his CRAZY MINI DISCO, which includes Games and Dancing, there is plenty to choose from.  Maybe you'd like a combination of two, or maybe all three ... Well CRAZY COLIN is happy to tailor the party to suit your requirements.

From the moment the Party begins, CRAZY COLIN will engage your child’s party guests with Crazy Fun! Halfway through the children sit to eat your Party Food, Crazy Colin plays background music, and continues to interact with the children.  If it’s a birthday party, we bring the children back to sing "Happy Birthday" and then it is back to the action.  More magic, more games, more dancing, more FUN!

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